With Playful DNA, Captures the Hearts of the Young




Rio is a liquor brand that resonates deeply with young people, never missing a festival or event related to youth. During the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games and the 2024 Chinese New Year, we extended the youthful appeal of the Rio Strong brand to offline channels, creating highly engaging subway advertisements.

Rio 是非常贴近年轻人的酒类品牌,与年轻人有关的节日盛会可是一次都没有错过。2023 杭州亚运会以及 2024 过年期间,我们将强爽品牌的年轻态拓展到线下,打造极具话题性的地铁广告,并刷屏社交媒体。


|Case 1 亚运会王者荣耀传播

The introduction of e-sports into the Asian Games attracted significant attention from young people. However, parents who enjoy traditional sports events often have little understanding of e-sports, sometimes viewing the younger generation's love for gaming as frivolous.


What kind of sparks will fly when parents and children watch the Asian Games together?


Rio Strong used this "generational conflict" as the main theme to launch the "Asian Games Parents' E-sports Guide," targeting the e-sports-loving younger generation and reaching out to the middle-aged and elderly.



Meanwhile, we placed offline advertisements in high-traffic subway stations with explosive visuals, sparking discussions on social media and successfully amplifying Rio Strong's visibility during the Asian Games.



After Rio Strong posted the promotional materials on social media, they sparked heated discussions, going viral on platforms like Red and WeChat Moments. The subway advertisements led to widespread organic sharing and check-ins from netizens.

强爽在社交发布 poster 以后就引发了热烈讨论,引爆小红书、朋友圈等社交媒体,而在地铁站投放广告之后更是引发了大量网友的自发传播和打卡。

In a short time, an increasing number of people noticed and learned about the Rio brand. The buzz around Rio Strong even reached new heights following coverage by official media, successfully achieving our communication goals for Rio Strong during the Asian Games.

越来越多的人在短时间内关注并了解 Rio 这个品牌,对强爽的热议甚至在官媒的新闻报道以后推向了另一高潮,成功实现了强爽在亚运会期间的传播目标。


|Case 2 春节龙罐地铁

Building on this youthful and buzzworthy style during the Asian Games, we planned and executed a series of “No Coiling Dragon” subway advertisements for Rio Strong during the 2024 Chinese New Year.

亚运会期间,强爽的传播话题点爆社交媒体以后,我们延续了年轻化&话题性的传播风格,为强爽在 2024 春节策划并执行了一系列「不卷龙」地铁广告


Anti-overwork culture is a hot topic among the younger generation. Dragons are seen as the most "coiling" animals, symbolizing high expectations, especially in the Year of the Dragon.


We used the image of a “dragon that no longer coils its body,” with strong visual contrasts to promote a relaxed attitude, encouraging people to let go of their burdens and enjoy a carefree New Year.




After placing the advertisements in Changsha subway stations, the vibrant and contrasting visuals caught the attention of many young people. During the hectic transition from the old year to the new year, the campaign sparked a strong resonance with young people on themes of “anti-overwork” and “relaxation.”


Many young people visited the subway station to interact with the No Coiling Dragon mascot, taking photos and enjoying a moment of relaxation while receiving New Year’s greetings from Rio Strong.


As the No Coiling Dragon posts went viral on social networks, many people flocked to the subway station to take photos, lie down, and express their end-of-year sentiments.


Rio Strong’s brand message was widely spread through both the offline subway advertisements and online social media, successfully closing the gap between the brand and its consumers through the cleverly planned No Coiling Dragon campaign.